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As, Its always we that matters because it's uncountable and more importantly victory is assured at least twice, as W has two VV's each stands for a victory. So, with this, I would like to introduce us as "We", as its a collaborative effort to bring a change in the existing human systems.

We are a group of professionals who had served many companies may it be Aeronautics, Banking, Defense, Core IT, retail, and almost any other you may think of, in the past, at different organizational levels being an Agile Coach, Sr.Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Program Manager, consultant as well as Senior Human Resource executives.

Further, as we all know history repeats itself may it be a collaboration of Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber along with other team members to come up with a Scrum Master Guide defining a new framework by setting values, or may it be an Agile - a new way of working where we try to implement different frameworks each defining their values and principles to deliver the valuable product every sprint/iteration.

For us, it was not that easy to navigate in the same ship that too comes with a diverse attitude being postgraduates from different B-Schools, until we encountered each one of us, in one of the business-oriented webinars organized for a particular layer of people, being a representative from different organizations in the competitive world where we run for razor-thin profit margins. Eventually, we exchanged our numbers after a long debate with tons of questions in mind.

To cut it short, we met many times over a coffee and our final discussion had taken a shape of an idea which is VoTP. This was only possible because we all have one thing in common which is being uncomfortable being comfortable. We want to bring a change in a human system that is still operating in the same old fashion which is no more viable in the current scenario. We have been trying to make every bit of our experience a worthwhile for companies we have been serving for years but the respective systems have been

Right values help us set right habits, eventually defines our identify.

Before I go further in details, I would like to share a challenge which most of the organizations have been going through while implementing agile ways of working - it is to expect a valuable product each iteration or sprint until the right set of values are ingrained at a team level, it will be a big setback, what so ever be the laid down policies. That's the reason why values are printed before policies, as policies are derived from values. This law is true in all other areas of our life, even when it comes to personal growth, as it is your values only that defines your identity designed by the derived principles based on your values.

Click here , to know more about me and Click here to know various aspects critical for the growth of any organization may it be a start-up or may it be any typical hierarchy based organization keen for adopting Agile - new ways of working to stay ahead of the competition.

At last, we all have come together to instill the right values in today's generation so that we all can suffice the need of humanity first. We will ensure you all receive newsletters from our site once you subscribe to us by dropping an email at valuables@vr4u.co with the subject as #Rq4nwsltrs.