#VoTP 7th Challenge - Valuable

Hello There,

Trust you all have been exploring your hidden potentials as others have been, at the time of extended lock-down.

Today's’ challenge is really a big one from me to put it in front of you all in a precise way, as it’s a huge topic to talk about. So, eventually thought of putting it in this way.

We all may know avengers or have watched at least one of their movies. Most probably, we may have selected our best characters out of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, American Captain and so on, being fascinated by the kind of powers they own, even though we know they are not real but one thing is certain that they are valuables not only for their country or galaxy but for the entire existence of humanity.

The take away from above passage is, they all are valuables irrespective of countries or galaxies they belong to. Actually , its a quality of being valuables that makes them avengers.

Let’s, start with the same Q and A format so as to confine this topic with in the boundaries.

Question1: What do we mean by being valuables?

Answer 1:Let’s check the meaning of valuable in the dictionary as we generally do. I have clubbed 4 meanings under two options - 1 and 2.

1.Having a monetary value or Worth a good price

2.Having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities like valuable friends/neighbors/relatives/colleagues or of great use or service.

The entire population falls under these subcategories A) either 1 or 2, B) both 1 and 2 and C) who doesn’t fall under any of these sub-categories (1 and 2)

You may consider your case and see under which category you fall into – A or B.

Before we think about the subcategory we fall into, consider options 1 and 2 like this, 1 represents - value for a product by becoming the best version of yourself each sprint/iteration - every month/quarter/year and option 2 represents the value of humans who fight for the existence of humanity in each season - every sec/minute/hour.

At last, if we really want to be like avengers we must fall into a subcategory - B.

Question 2: Can we become valuable if we are not?

Yes, we all can become valuable by giving our best and by falling under subcategory B.

Question 3: How we know if we are valuable?

Answer: Once you understand this, they won't be any questions that may have popped up in your mind till now. Like what if my grandfather/grandmother doesn’t earn now as he/she is aged, what if my housewife is not earning, what about students who have not started earning at all.

The answer to this question is very subjective as it varies from person to person because its about who values what.

Let's check option 1:

1.Having a monetary value or Worth a good price

Monetary: of or relating to money or to the mechanism by which it is supplied to and circulates in the economy.

Let's talk about the latter part of the definition of Monetary. Giving birth to a baby is a mechanism ( a process, technique, or system for achieving a result) with the initiation of this process money starts circulating, as you start visiting Gynecologist regularly and eat high quality enriched food/fruits eventually you start contributing to the later part of the definition of Monetary by purchasing food/fruits of higher price. Same is true for a school or college going Student.

Aged father/mother available at home provides you food, shelter, guidance, as well as a blessing, is again a mechanism to push/focus you to/on work hard so that you give the best comfort to them.For instance by enrolling them into medical insurance eventually contributing to the later part of the definition of Monetary Or in other words they are not able to contribute directly but they are contributing indirectly by making us capable to produce the desired result. The desired result in this definition is the monetary value. So, the same goes for housewives.I believe ,the later part doesn't need further explanation.

Hope with this much explanation, your most of unseen questions would have been answered. Let's talk about option 2.

2. Having desirable or esteemed [characteristics or qualities] or of great use or service. Let me rephrase it as under:

Having desirable or esteemed [Values]or of great use or service[For which you are not paid because if it is paid then this becomes option 1.]

For more clarity on this , I have phrased below questions.

Q: What makes us valuable?

A: Your values make you valuable which are your characteristics or qualities for which you are not paid for.

Q: Are we all valuable?

Everyone has some or more characteristics or qualities would that means we all are valuable; that’s not true. Values of person, which are aligned with the values of nature are tagged as valuable. Nature’s law is to give, it gives oxygen which we consume, we give carbon oxide they use it. That means, ideally, we all are givers means we give back what we receive and the same goes for nature for the welfare of universe. If so, your values should be aligned with the values of nature then only you will be tagged as valuable friends/neighbors/relatives/colleagues and finally become as valuable as avengers.

With this, let's validate our thought process (#VoTP) and refresh your values at a time when the entire system is in refresh mode.

Stay Home, Stay healthy and Stay Happy – SH3

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