#VoTP - Sacrifice

Hi There,

Trust you all are doing well.

As usual, I have come up with a new challenge to put it across to you all. Today, I would like to talk about a word which is well known to all of us but we still hesitate to implement it in our lives. Yes, that’s absolutely correct, it’s none other then a word “sacrifice” which is very painful to many but for some its first step towards fulfilling their dreams. Just like a coin has two sides, this word has two perspectives as well. Let’s know more about this word.

I believe there is nothing wrong in checking its dictionary meaning as we generally do.

1. An act of offering to a deity something precious.

2. Destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else.

Let’s start with 2nd meaning mentioned above - Destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else. It seems like heavy stuff, big words like destruction but that’s reality. That’s why sacrifice is very painful to many of us. Because it could be related to our belief system which we have loved for many years and still believe we have not become what we are meant to be or still miss our real potential.

Same habits and expecting some miracle to happen that’s called insanity. Same thoughts which were ingrained in our DNA system by society and expecting to stand out.

For better results you need to have a better system which has to be built on new beliefs that means you need to destroy your old belief system and re-install the new one to get better results which you have not achieved till now.

For that you need to surrender by accepting that fact that this is time to rebuild your belief system by destroying the older one because it has not worked for you and re-building the new one based on what result you are looking for or what you really want to become which will be decided by your values.

Goals act as direction but it’s your system which helps you to achieve your goals. System which is built upon your habits. Habits are chosen to train your system to achieve desired goals.Its easy to build your habits upon your values.

So you need to check your belief system which is based on your values.

Now let’s talk about first definition:

1. An act of offering to a deity something precious.

What can you think of offering something precious which is in your possession to a deity?

Could be money, gold, but do you really think that deity really needs all this, these materialistic things have been created by us not by deity.

Can you think of one such thing which really makes your god happy?

It’s none other than the service you can offer to your deity by helping people around you who are in pain. But the question is how we can, the answer is by empowering them, by showing them the reality but how?

By being valuable to yourself so that we can make them valuable to themselves which is not possible without sacrificing your comfort zone i.e. challenging yourself every day to be a better version of yourself so that you can become a great book which eventually inspire people who read it and aspire to become a book like you. In-short by being an example to people around you and by letting them know the reality, the pain you have gone through all the way before you achieved your mission.

As I said, there are two perspectives of word sacrifice, one is rest which is called complacency and another one is unrest - uneasy state until you achieve your goal and once you achieve one ;set another.

Choice is yours.

With this, let’s try to be at unrest and see where you feel the joy most and that’s VoTP for this week.

Thanks for reading, I wish you may take a wise decision while choosing either side of Sacrifice because by being at rest you are also sacrificing you being at your best.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy and Stay Healthy.