#VoTP 1st Challenge - Quit

Hello There,

Trust you all have been doing well.

Today's challenge will talk about the word - "Quit." A big name in terms of its impact on most of us if it is not used or implemented sagaciously.

To know more about it. Let's go by the dictionary.

One of the meanings of quit is to give up. That we all know.

Now the point to ponder; is quitting good or bad?

The answer to this question is quite simple.

Quitting has nothing to do with good or bad. It becomes good or bad, based on the decisions we take.

For instance, if you have a habit that drains you like anything without giving you something back. It's better to quit that habit.

To make it more intuitive. Let's assume you are in the habit of smoking.

Firstly, you are paying your hard-earned money to ease your stress by consuming tobacco in the form of a cigarette, which will eventually take everything from you, for instance, your healthy teeth, gums, lungs, heart, and finally, life. Just for a few moments of relief, you train your mind in the wrong way by choosing the easiest way.

So, there is no reason; why not quit smoking. In this case, quitting is good.

Similarly, you may think of other scenarios: unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying jobs, and many more.

Let's consider another scenario. You are a health-conscious person, and you love to do exercise daily. Exercise gives you back. The more you sweat, the more you gain - strength, power, motivation and staying energetic for the entire day. In short, your efforts of draining sweat impart you many things, apart from just a stress-free moment or a life, if you continue with the habit of doing exercise daily.

So, quitting is bad in this case.

Let us understand this from a broader perspective.

We all are part of this universe. What that mean?

We all are the minutest part of Almighty God. One way to describe God is pure energy; when we exercise, we generate energy within our body, eventually released into the universe. Our life resonates with the power of the universe, so we benefit from it, as energy is generated naturally.

People do sweat after smoking, but that's not a natural way. In that way, it harms us and our surroundings, as the smoke is released into the universe.

With this, let's validate our thought process by implementing it over other habits.

Share this challenge with your well-wishers. It's a universal law, and we all have equal right to understand it.

Take your time to # VoTP until I share another challenge. Let's keep validating our thought process and stick to those who will make us a better version of ourselves.

PS: Don't quit good things and follow processes that are easy to get followed to get temporary relief and make it a habit that would be difficult to get rid of later on.

Stay healthy(P), Stay fit(M), and Stay happy(S)!

Let's take responsibility for our surroundings by choosing the right way, even if it seems rigid to follow initially.

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