#VoTP-4th Challenge-Leadership

Hello There,

Trust you all have been doing well.

I want to start with a message of Staying Home, Staying Healthy, and Staying Happy. In short, let’s follow SH3 at the time of lockdown.

Today I am going to talk about a word that has been quite popular these days, which is none other than a word – Leadership. Let’s welcome this word in our dictionary if it is missing until now because today’s challenge is to understand it better.

As we all know, there is a massive difference between saying and doing so is the case about being a Leader and a Leadership. A leader is incomplete without a ship, which is not the case; otherwise, leadership means a ship lead by a Leader.

You may find many leaders without leadership qualities, but it’s hard to find any ship without a leader.

You may find the qualities of being a good leader over the internet. So, I don’t want to explain things which are already there.

For me, a leader is not a leader without followers, and a true leader (with leadership quality) is a follower.

Let me use my drawing skills to make it easy to understand, which will cut short my write-up.

Let’s try to under the difference between a leader and a leadership considering the above illustrations where black spots represent people.

In Figure-1, anyone can easily spot the leader who could be the first in either direction of follow, but they are not followers, so they can’t be true leaders by definition. But many may have a question, why? There is a high probability of a leader without being a follower to be swayed easily. One may become directionless, and once this will happen, needless to say about his followers. Moreover, there won’t be any growth in equal proportion in such a scenario, and at times, leaders quit because of extra burden. In many cases, things disperse when two lines cross each other (X).

Let’s examine the second figure derived from the first figure by joining both extreme ends. In this case, it’s challenging to identify which one is a leader and which one is a follower. Moreover, you may find every leader is a follower, at least. So the chances of being swayed are almost null because all are leaders, and all are followers. That implies there will be proportionate growth of all because the duty will be divided equally, or in other words, all will be responsible for fighting against a common challenge. In this case, growth could be slow but with minimal risk, which can be measured when a smaller circle becomes larger every time (R>r).

With this, I would like to throw the challenge of being a follower before being a leader. Find one leader you would admire a lot and who would help you become who you are. In-short, allow you to be a leader.

Let’s validate this process (#VoTP) by becoming a leader and then helping others become leaders and eventually making many big circles that will encapsulate the entire earth, which is round in shape.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, and Stay Happy (SH3).