#VoTP-3rd Challenge-Judgment

Hello There,

Trust you all have been doing well.

Today, I would like to talk about a word which we all are very familiar with, it’s none other than “Judgment”. For me it’s a big word in its silent use. Since many years or decades, we have trained our mind to judge people around us. For instance, if someone approached you in a formal and informal way you start judging why she/he came here, what was her/his real motive to visit me? Isn’t this the case?

Our relatives, sometimes our own brothers and sisters too become prey of this word. So, let me talk about this word more in details in Q and A format to keep it short.

1. What is judgment?

2. Why do we need to judge people?

3. What we get after allowing our brain to do this particular exercise – judging people?

4. Most importantly, where we need to use this in-born skill and where not?

Let me answer these questions in the same format.

1. The process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning (to detect with senses other than vision) and comparing.

2. Is it to do with fear of losing something or may be fear of getting hurt? I believe all your answers will be covered under these umbrella questions. In another way, if you are a giver than it doesn’t matter what is his or her real intention of approaching you? But if in case you are taker than it really matters to you. Then these questions are really a big concern for you.

Let’s say you want to achieve something may be a progression or promotion but only one can be promoted out of hundred employee within one particular department. Unfortunately, everyone one knows this. You may have envisaged this situation in your professional life.

Not going into details, I just want to quote one instance from a movie bewakoofiyaan where Ayushmann Khurrana was promoted to Sr. Executive and after few months he had to put down his papers because of recession and his employee cum friend junior to him was managed to save his job and was promoted to his position.

3. Self-satisfaction that we are better than him/her or may be a sudden increase of self-motivation which was missing until we came to know that our friend or a colleague is still at the same position which you were few years back. Unfortunately, your self-satisfaction as well as self-motivation ends until you meet another colleague who had been promoted to higher level which you were trying to be at, for many years. Everything scatters with in a moment you come to know about his successful journey. You start feeling like you have wasted you enter years of hard work, sacrificing your personal space.

In-short, your self-motivation as well as self-satisfaction depends upon the success or failure of your colleagues or friends. So, my answer to my readers is hidden in the answers of these questions: Why can’t we run our own race? Why can’t we compete with ourselves every day?

4. Because we have been wired this way and it will take ages to be re-wired again but one thing we can do until we re-wire completely. Let’s use our brain to judge people in terms of how happy they are? How fulfilling life they are living? What are their values? Are they givers or takers? Rather than, do they own house? How big it is? What car they own? What brand shoes they wear while running or walking?

Lastly, Have faith in you and run your own race by giving your best every day. One day your efforts will be appreciated and awarded. Let’s validate and imbibe this thought process #VoTP.

Let’s change the way we have programmed ourselves and re-program using new technology by validating data after processing and deleting or storing it accordingly in your sub-conscious mind until you find another better way.

Stay healthy(P),Stay fit(M) and Stay happy(S).

Being givers it’s really important to have 3S in your life.