#VoTP-2nd Challenge - Faith

Hi There,

Trust you all have been doing well.

Today, I would like to talk about a sensitive topic, which is “Faith".

This topic has compelled me to review the contents many times to not hurt anyone’s sentiment by mistake.

In between, I have found the below video, which was of great help to me.

I hope you would have gone through the video before you start reading further.

Let me make it simple by quoting an example. Andrew has been chasing its professional goals for many years, but he has fallen short of it each time.

Andrew was a religious person. One day, he asked God why it is happening to me. This scenario happens with most of us when we fall short of achieving our goals even after tons of dedication and hard work. We start asking questions from God or any object of devotion; in search of getting an answer.

Eventually, we become a part of a vicious circle of asking questions from God rather than asking the same set of questions to ourselves.

Why do I have not achieved my goal even though I am putting in tons of hard work with utmost dedication?

What is that I am missing to achieve my goals?

If we continuously ask such questions, then is the probability of getting an answer becomes more.

It's quite natural that the moment you start putting faith in something outside of you. You ask questions from the object of devotion/God visible outside.

Even though we know that there is another place where God resides inside us. But because we can't see God inside us, we created a virtual God outside to have better one-way communication,

which is fine because we always follow the easy ways. Because talking to God inside you is difficult, but the moment you talk, you will find all your answers.

The moment you change the direction of asking questions from outside to inside. The probability of knowing the reason for falling short will be higher in comparison.

God has created us with a faith that we will surpass him in all aspects, but the reality is quite vague.

Validate this thought process (#VoTP) by implementing it in your life and see the change in your attitude.

Have faith in you, ask the right set of questions to find answers, and fill the gaps to achieve your goals.

Stay fit, stay healthy, and Stay Happy.

Stay tuned for another challenge.