#VoTP-5th Challenge-Compete

Hello There,

Trust you all have been doing well.

Today's content will be shorter than before. That was a point where I was competing.

Anyways, I am happy to share a word about which we are going to talk about today which is none other than “Compete”. Let's have a big round of applause mentallyJ

As usual, let check out its dictionary meaning which is: to strive consciously or unconsciously for an objective (such as position, profit, or a prize) or be in a state of rivalry (the act of rivaling: the state of being a rival: COMPETITION)

The fight always starts from within and before you win the outer word you need to win yourself.

Your victory is decided by your triumph on yourself which us not that easy. I am still trying to defeat myself in one or another way but I am sure I will be successful because my end goal is to win the outer world for a bigger purpose.

Let's understand another two words which make this word “ Compete” more challenging as well as powerful and those are consciously as well as unconsciously.

To make them easy, conscious is the state of mind when the decision, actions are taken towards the accomplishment of your goals, when you are awake.

Unconscious means having lost consciousness or when you are not able to take any right decisions as well actions towards the accomplishment of your goal

Your journey of success starts from inside to outside becomes difficult when you don’t train you unconscious mind. The reason for it is quite logical, we all sleep for 8 hours (may vary from person to person, considered 8 hours as it is generally recommended to sleep) out of 24 hours a day which means 33% time in a day, your brain remains in the unconscious mind and that time is the best time for your brain to work as there are no distractions which you may face during your rest of your 66.67% time in a day.

That’s the reason you may have observed the tag line of whats app group as “Let y-our brain works for 24X7”.

With this, I would like to #VoTP so you all program your unconscious state mind by pouring in with positive thoughts or values which aligns with your goals. There is a study which says if you train your mind for 66 days it will enter in an autopilot mode. Let's validate this thought process and bring a change for better results.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy. :)

It's the best time to program yourself for better tomorrow. Lets grow togather.