#VoTP 6th Challenge - Adverse

Hi There,

Trust you all have been doing well amid the adverse situation we all have been going through.

Today we are going to talk about a word that we hate the most, as it sometimes takes away our freedom. Freedom of going out, freedom of growth, a freedom speech, freedom of eating and many more. In short freedom of anything we want to do but we can’t. The best example at this point in time is already there in our mind – lockdown. Absolutely, Bang on target.

We generally don’t refer dictionary for this word - "Adverse", as we are very well familiar with it.

Let’s recall and try to find positive behind this negative word as this is how our universe or law of nature works. Like positive has negative so negative has positive, similarly the North Pole and the South Pole, east direction and west direction, a male is meant for female and vice versa, you and me, they and we, in geometry, X-axis has both –X and +X , Y-axis has both +Y and -Y and so on.

If that be the case, let’s refer the definition of “adverse” once more which means (a) acting against or in a contrary direction, (b) opposed to one’s interest.

I don’t understand why people consider this as a negative word when it has positive meaning hidden inside it. Let me make this statement more comprehensible. If there is no gravity force which pulls everyone towards the centre of the earth, will we be able to walk?

Another way to look into it, I am sure many of us must be doing exercises at home these days, when we do any exercise may it be push-ups, chin-ups, do we execute it in one direction. No, right? If we execute it in one direction will there be any growth in our muscles? The answer is no, as there won’t be any opposing force. Can’t I say that we intentionally have created an opposing force so as to create a resistance to pump our muscles? I believe yes.

The similar concept works for our mind. When we encounter an adverse situation it’s a time for the expansion of our mind may it be an intellectual power, imagination by re-examining what worked for you in the past in such scenarios, where you went wrong, where you can improve and all.

In short, adverse situations oppose you to slow down your process of doing anything and compel you to re-build your muscles or re-examine your thought process then execute your actions. Isn’t it that simple?

So, whenever there is an adverse situation we know what needs to be done.

Now, let’s VoTP (validate our thought process) by implementing this law of nature in every phase of our life.

At Last, Don’t forget your feedback as I also want to grow because it is a natural phenomenon which we are well aware of especially in the case of coronavirus and we have been creating an adverse situation for its growth by being at home and by not serving ourselves as food.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy – SH3.