Weekly Challenges

As, this is about validating our thought process, so weekly challenges are the best ways invented, wherein lots of efforts are required, so as to challenge our thought process/processes. Earlier these weekly challenges were shared in whats app group as mentioned on the landing page but for new members; old challenges were not accessible. Sharing again makes it disturbing for those already gone through. So, We have brought this way of putting all our challenges over here so that rework will be avoided.

These challenges are written in such a way that they may compel you to rethink or challenge your thought process/processes eventually allowing you to change the way you have been operating yourself since months, years or decades.

At last, your feedback matters a lot, so for each challenge,we appreciate you to share your comments so that we all can grow together. There may be the case you may want to challenge my thought process which have build over a period of time after continuous efforts of Cue, Craving , Reward and Response vicious cycle and eventually converting few of them into automatic habits.

We will appreciate your genuine feedback for every weekly challenge ,what so ever may it be, by dropping an email at valuables@vr4u.co.in or by sharing your feedback at the comment section below. For more information or discussions, we may be reached at valuables@vr4u.co.in or alternatively , we may contact upon you at your email id mentioned in the comment section.

Lets stay in touch for every. Cheers!!