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Life is one time chance to explore your real potential.

Nothing is impossible if one has a desire to achieve.This phrase has become old. Its not just about desire, its about having the right mindset along with the desire.


This webpage is for those :

  • who have guts to achieve their dreams may it be fitness goals , financial goals , or parental goals , or a lifestyle goals.

  • who loves to eat what they like to rather than what is being served.

  • who are ready to suffer , sacrifice to achieve their dreams as nothing comes easy.

If you are one of those then you are at right place.

All it takes the right mindset. Building the right mindset makes all the difference. Mindset are the mental habits we establish unknowingly or knowingly because of lack of awareness by practising perticular attitudes until they become naturally to us.

For instance , sleeping habits and many more. When we talk about mindset it includes concious as well as unconcious mind.

These mindset can either work in our favor by flooding our conciousness with positivity or aginst us by plunging our mind into negativity. So, mindset is double-edge sword.

Proper mindset is forte of successful people. May it be Swami Vivekananda , Thomas Edison and many more. Click here to know more of them.

We all are very concious about our health when it comes to the physic but we are least bothered about one of the vital parts of our body which is mind.Even though it works 24by7 like heart.

Samuel Johnson, a famous British Writer , pointed out the uncontrolled mind as the primary reason for faliure. With an unquite mind, neither excercise , nor diet , nor physic can be of much use.

Now think of your goals once again - why cant we achieve a good physic even by consuming a healthy diet , joining a good gym or even after paying an instructor fee. For those of you who are looking for complete sustainable fitness at your comfort of your home. Click here for more details.

Why can't we all achieve a Lifestyle like bollywood/hollywood stars or whosoever we look upto? Because we hardly know their daily habits which eventually had build their mindset. What all areas they work upon ? Needless to say they takecare of their mind. May it be a Meditation, Visulization , Affirmations , Self talk, Excercise and many more. To know more techniques and their proper use click here for details.

Have you ever thought?

Why doctors especially Psychiatrist don’t openly talk about the use of these techniques?

Why they dont talk about the importance of fitness irrespective of the age group one falls into ?

Why mental problems like Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias have become common at adolescence?

The only reason is they are afraid of losing their business - who will visit them if mental discorders will be eradicated completely from the society. COVID-19 has brought an opportunity to achieve their financial goals by triggering these mental disorders.

No one talks about intellect or intellectual prowess which is achieved when one achieves hightest stage of controlled mind. Building the right mind set takes its own time and every day counts . Why to wait, give your parental goals wings by letting your kids mature faster when it comes to building their intellect. Click here to expore more.

Lets transform togather by joining hands with those who are willing to change and are willing to live the life of their dreams. You may make yourself a part of whats app group by visiting Home page - Welcome to VoTP (Validating our thought process) to stay tunned for updates.

I would like to say thanks to you all for spending you valuable time. I wish I may serve you better in all possible ways.


Abhishek Kumar Malhotra

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PS: We believe in supporting individuals to transform into the best versions of themselves . It doesnt matter who you are as long as we are connected .We value every mintue; we worked togather. After all vr4u - we are for you.