About VoTP

This is to brief you about the purpose of initiating this small world of thoughts as a website or a web page so as to make you a part of this. It is not about my personal as well as professional achievements in last 2 years as they can be a source of motivation but won’t act as unlimited source of happiness neither for you nor for me as our mind is unstoppable as well as limitless.

To concise, I was looking for some process which is limitless like sky, which is not tagged as any community or any group where things are to be followed in a specific ways to achieve happiness. I don’t want any inter-mediator between me and my happiness. After 2 years of research and validating my findings. I have come to a conclusion that you don’t actually need any communicator/ interpreter to convert your message into something understandable to the source of happiness. In short, your communication is perfectly understandable to the source of happiness,which is none other than the nature itself. We just need to understand how we need to communicate so that I should not be misunderstood by the nature and the best way is by aligning our values with the values of nature which is not possible, if you don’t understand the message being communicated by the nature to you.

There are two ways to spread awareness about it, one is simply by letting you know the way in one to two lines or by using complex way where in lots of efforts are required to make it easy. We generally tend to take simple things for granted so I opted the second way that is by converting complex things to simple (C2S) which will train your mind to look into complex things and turn them into simple. In this entire process you don’t take things for granted because you have put in your efforts to make it simple. Now, as it has become simple you don’t forget it forever. This was about the approach to be used in another way.

Now, let's use the same approach – C2S to explain the purpose of initiating this #VoTP. It’s really difficult for one person to bring a change alone because of the limited life time-span but we all can make it possible if we all take this responsibility. For instance, let’s assume, my life span on this earth is 80 years to be optimistic. Let me be fair in my assumptions for you as well. In that case, your life span is also 80 years irrespective of your current age. Let’s assume I have only 50 years left that means I can give only 50 years to achieve this goal but if there are 10 members in total who have joined this initiative with some amount of life time-span left by making this goal as a common goal. We all have 500 years of life time-span with us which means there is high probability to achieve our common goal of letting others know how to communicate with nature so as to be happy for ever no matter what, that too without anyone else assistance neither mine’s once you know the right way to communicate with nature.

In short, the sole purpose of VoTP is to achieve happiness without compromising with your values which won’t be the case as you will align your values with the values of nature so indeed you are going to be happy forever. Once you be happy whatever be the situation you are in , you will come out as a victorious and take along others by making them victorious too.

Thanks for your valuable time. I wish it would be worth spending.